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We feature suppressors from Yankee Hill Machine, SilencerCo, Thunder Beaset Arms, and Griffin Armament. With a full service machine shop we can fit suppressors to most firearms. We are your one stop shop for quality, fit and service.


Federal transfer tax on any suppressor is $200.


Short-Barreled Rifle (SBR)


A shoulder-stocked rifle having a barrel less than 16" (as measured from the face of a closed bolt to the end of the permanent muzzle) or an overall length less than 26".


We can custom build Short Barrel Rifles to your specifications or we can acquire a specific brand.  We are a dealer for NFA Products from Kriss USA, Sig Sauer, Yankee Hill Machine, LWRC, Lewis Machine and Tool, and MANY more!


The Federal Transfer tax on any SBR is $200.


Fully Automatic


Whether you are looking for an investment or a year round fun gun, we are your source for transferable Machine Guns!


The Federal Transfer tax on a machine gun is $200.

We work with some of the best quality companies available. We can help you get the information you need to own NFA items.

Increase your Fun!

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