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-For the first 5 shots, clean the barrel after each shot.

-For the next 50 shots, clean the barrel after each 5-shot group.

-The barrel is now broken-in.

-To maintain the quality of the barrel, we recommend cleaning within every 20 shots.


The term "cleaning the barrel" as stated above means:


-Use a plastic coated cleaning rod, a bronze flush, flannel patches, and a quality bore solvent.

-Saturate the brush with solvent and make 20 passes through the barrel. (10 cycles)

-Let the solvent soak in the barrel for 10 minutes.

-Saturate the brush again with solvent and make 20 more passes through the barrel.

-Push 3 patches through the barrel to remove excess solvent and loosened fouling.


Your barrel should now be clean and provide you with many more enjoyable days.

Here you will find helpful bits of information intended to make your life easier and your outdoor experience more enjoyable.

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Recommended cleaning and break-in

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