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Pistol 101

This is a BASIC course for people who have NOT handled handguns or have very little training in the use of a handgun.  This course consists of approximately 2 hours of class room instruction covering Stance, Grip, Sight Picture, Sight Alignment, Trigger Press, Safety, Loading, Unloading, etc.  Much of this class involves the ust of a SIRT Pistol.  After the class room portion, approximately 195 rounds will be fired using the traning from the class room portion.  This class is based on rounds fired, not time, since class size affects time.  Students should be prepared to fire 150-200 rounds

No prerequsits for this course.  We can provide handgun rental, eye and ear protection rental, and holster and magazine rental for additional cost..  This course is $150 per student.


Pistol 201

Pistol 201 is the same as Pistol 101 but all work is done form the holster on a hot range.  Since students already have some experience with a handgun, class room portion will be the same, but shortened due to experience.  Live fire will be lengthened due to experience.  Students should expect to fire between 250-300 rounds and have their own handgun.  This course is $150 per student.  Our Pistol 101 course IS a PREREQUISIT for this course.


Pistol 301

Is a more advanced class where the students spend little time in the classroom, instead more time is spent in the live fire portion.  The round count is between 250-350 but all students will be required to have their own handgun, belt, and magazine pouch(es) or speed loaders.  This class has the elements of drawing from an OWB or IWB holster, movement, shooting from concealment, cover, timed shooting, and a qualifying score shoot at the end of the course.  This course is $150 per student.  Our Pistol 101 and Pistol 201 courses ARE a PREREQUISIT for this course.


Wisconsin Conceal Carry

The Wisconsin Conceal Carry class will cover all of the applicable Wisconsin Requirements for you to apply for your Wisconsin Conceal Carry Permit.  This course is 4 to 4.5 hours, depending on class size and questions asked.  In this class you will be taught  the basic Wisconsin laws applicable to conceal carry.  There is NO live fire in this class.  This course is $75 per student.





Precisions Sports is now offering firearms training that is compliant with the Wisconsin Conceal Carry Law. We have NRA certified instructors on staff to provide comprehensive training in the proper use of your hand gun.

Receive the

proper training

Professional instruction for your safety


We now offer a 30 minute 1 on 1 range time rental with an instructor for $50!


You must have completed our Pistol 101 course.


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Upcoming Class Dates


Handgun 101: Friday May 17th 9:30 am & Saturday May 25th

Intro to Handgun:

May 23rd 12:30pm

Handgun 201: June date: TBD

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