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Please feel to contact us about any of your outdoor sporting needs.

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Precision Sports

4717 State Road 44

Oshkosh, WI 54904



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Business Hours:

Tuesday to Friday 9am to 6pm 

Saturday 9am to 4pm

You MUST fill out the above form PRIOR to contacting us for a copy of our FFL.  Provide us with an Email Address or a Fax number and we will send a copy of our license.  If we do not have the above form filled out and on file we WILL NOT send a copy of our FFL to anyone.

If you wish to have a firearm transfered into our store you MUST come into our store and fill out a form PRIOR to having the gun sent to us.  We will NOT send our FFL to anyone without PRIOR approval.


If you do not come into our store prior to having the item shipped to us we WILL refuse the shipment.  There are no exceptions to this.


These guidelines have been given to us by the ATF due to recent fraudulent activites involving Federal Firearm License misuse.


We charge $50 for handgun and long gun transfers and $125 for NFA item transfers.  If you have a handgun transferred to our store you will also have a $10 fee that the STATE charges for the background check.


All transfer fees MUST be paid prior to an item arriving at our store the day you fill out a transfer form.

FFL Transfers